I seriously need to do an update. I think about it almost every night, oh I will do it tomorrow… and of course tomorrow never comes.

Debating on whether doing a video update or written update because I have so much to tell you all about. I will probably have to break it down in to a few posts, so it won’t be a long-drawn-out bleh, bleh, bleh. 😉

Just wanted you all to know, I am still here, and doing MUCH better at the moment.

Hugs, peace, happiness, love and all of good stuff ❤ Bekr


4 thoughts on “update

  1. hey chicka, just keep smiling … 🙂 still not certain why i haven’t snapped yet, certainly well past due & i am more than deserving of complete meltdown .. ya know the kind, stomping feet, banging head against wall, throwing things meltdown ??? yup, i am looking for one of those ….


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