My Voodoo Skull Fairy


  • Do you or have you ever gotten a tattoo instead of self harming?
  • Have you used the pain of getting a tattoo or piercings to help you “get by”, without you physically harming yourself? To keep you from harming yourself?
  • Do you tend to get more tattoos when you are manic? or depressed?

For me, yes to all the above.

And here is a photo of one. She was not last-minute, I had wanted to get her for a while. But I was manic when I got her. And about 3 more tattoos within a 2 month period. I was also depressed. I do not regret getting her.



8 responses

  1. I love it!!

  2. Kewl ink,and….. now you got me jonesing for more ink… I want to get a small purple ribbon for pancreatitis support in the space between thumb & forefinger on my left hand ….

  3. Yes to all of the above! I’m glad I’m not alone in this. I’ve also used ink to cover old scars.

  4. You are strong and brave for sharing your story.

  5. Totally awesome!

  6. Yes, I have tons of tattoos, including a few stick-and-pokes I did myself during mixed states! They are very relaxing.


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